Scrap the 6 Months Petition

MNDA have been campaigning with Madeleine Moon MP to change how the law defines terminal illness, so that ALL people with terminal illness can access the Special Rules fast track process to get the benefits they need quickly and sensitively.

Currently, to use the fast track process, the requirement is a ‘reasonable expectation of death within six months’ – something which is incredibly difficult to predict in people living with MND.

Madeleine Moon MP’s Private Members Bill proposes to replace the requirement of ‘reasonable expectation of death within six months’ with a clinical judgment made by an appropriate health professional. The bill was due to have its second reading on 23 November 2018, but was unfortunately delayed to 25 January 2019.

It is crucial that we continue to keep the pressure on and demonstrate to the Government that there is strong support within the MND and other terminal illnesses community, for a change in the law.


To help us do this, we have launched a new petition. This is a simple yet effective mechanism for supporters to take positive action to continue to press for change. The petition calls on the Government to change the law defining a terminal illness by removing the six-month time limit for the Special Rules for Terminal Illness (SRTI) fast track process.

We will use the petition signatures to help gain wider recognition and awareness for the issue among politicians, health professionals and local media.

What can you do?

We want you to sign the petition online and share it to encourage others to sign too.

You are critical to the success of this petition and helping to demonstrate the strong feeling of public support for Government action on the issue and using the petition as a vehicle to engage on the subject of Special Rules with your friends, families, local branches and groups and key decision makers in your local area.

What else is coming up and how can I get involved?

• There will be paper petition sheets available for supporters to download and print. You can use this to help gather signatures at local events and meetings.
• All Association members will receive a copy of the paper petition sheet in the January 2019 edition of Thumb Print.
• We are working on developing short animation films to help promote the Scrap 6 Months campaign petition. Look out for these in the next few weeks and share on social media. You can also share these with your branch or group to motivate your local members to get behind the campaign.
• We will develop other digital campaign assets such as infographics, to help push the petition over the coming weeks and months. These will be shared on our social media channels for all supporters to share with their contacts.
• We want you to use the petition to start or continue conversations and engage MPs and the media locally. By sharing local level data on the numbers of people signing the petition in your area, you can help demonstrate to MPs how many of their constituents support this issue. We hope this will make it harder for them to not get behind our call. We will develop action packs and constituency level data on the petition in the new year to help supporters get involved.
• We will develop targeted activities to help volunteers gather signatures of support from key target audiences, for example GPs. Large numbers of GPs and clinicians signing the petition can add real strength to our campaign.