Today the Motor Neurone Disease Association has received the welcome news that the Government includes all people with Motor Neurone Disease under the Extremely Vulnerable Group to be shielded for 12 weeks. This effectively means that a person with MND and their family living with them should be shielded from the outside world as far as is possible. They should be supported so that neither they nor any member of their household should have to leave the house.

The links below should provide the help you need:

This allows you to register in the extremely vulnerable category – Motor Neurone Disease is included under Severe Respiratory Conditions. Go to this link, scroll down to the Start Now button and answer the questions.  

If you need help with self-isolating eg. getting shopping, prescriptions, walking your dog etc, go to the “I need help” button and there is a form to fill in. There is also a telephone number 01452 583519. However it is probably preferable to use the online form. 

If you want help with any of these forms then call or email your own Association Visitor or Ruth Vidal Tel 07779019664 Email


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