About Us

The dedicated committee of MND Association Gloucestershire branch
VICE CHAIR. Mr David Jones
TREASURER – Mr Noel Boland
SECRETARY – Sharon Issacs
MEDIA – Olivia Wike / Della Cantillion
WEB MASTER – Mike Crisp

General Committee Volunteers
Ruth Brennan-Craddock
Helen Hornby
Betty Leddington
Jean Waters
Jan Millett

A.V.’S who are also on Committee
Ruth Vidal
Clare Williams
Joanne Bennett

Back row: Janet Brown (Events co-ordinator), Alan Marsh (campaigns officer), David Jones (Vice Chair), Jenny Thomas (AV co-ordinator), Jan Millet (committee member), Helen Hornby (committee member).
Front row: Noel Boland (Branch treasurer), Graham Powell (Chairman),  Jean Waters (committee member), Sharon Isaacs (secretary), Olivia Wike (social officer).

We are a strong and united group. All from different backgrounds, and most likely would not cross paths in everyday life; but we are driven to achieve one goal and that is to make the journey for those affected by Motor Neurone Disease and their families and loved ones a little easier and more bearable.

This disease strikes indiscriminately – no known cause – and as yet no cure, but so much progress has and continues to be made by the extraordinary efforts of our research team. This, I am confident, will provide answers on many levels, but until we reach that point we – our committee and supporters will continue to do what we do best. Raise awareness, campaign, fundraise and support.

Sharon Issacs
MND Gloucestershire Branch Secretary

A brief History of the Gloucestershire Branch of the MND Association

In 1986: Betty Leddington & Pat Flavelle started a help group for people with Motor Neurone Disease and the family/carers.

They raised money in various ways, sufficient to open a bank account, and also to bring their activities to the attention of Sue Mobley ( RCA ) and she guided this small group into forming the fledgling Gloucestershire Branch of the MND Association.

Since that time the group has gone from strength to strength, with Betty still one of the stalwarts in 2015!